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Tensator Queue Management

The Tensator® Virtual Queue Management System (VQMS), powered by Newvision, seamlessly integrates the online and offline customer journey. It’s more than just software; it’s a fully integrated solution that enhances your business organization and customer experience. Here are the key features:


Queue Management:

  • Reduce Walkaways: Clearly visible queueing spaces guide customers to the right place when they’re ready to complete their purchase.
  • Boost Impulse Sales: Tensator® In-Queue Merchandising extends buying time while customers wait in line, increasing potential revenue.
  • Reduce Waiting Times: Improve efficiency by minimizing wait times1.


Appointment Management:

  • Empower customers to choose when and where to interact with your business.
  • Enable superior task and resource planning for your professionals.


Multi-Channel Access:

  • Provide hassle-free access through channels like Mobile Apps, Self-Service Kiosks, and Online Services.
  • Seamlessly complement each other for a smooth customer experience.


Digital Signage Integration:

  • Combine queue management with multimedia content management.
  • Reduce perceived wait times while delivering institutional messages and marketing campaigns.
  • Footfall Feedback:
  • Understand customer behavior patterns and distribution within your environment.
  • Optimize store layouts and marketing strategies to increase sales and revenue.


Premium Kiosks:

  • High-quality self-service kiosks for various applications and customer interactions.
  • The Tensator VQMS ensures a remarkable, intuitive, and dynamic customer journey, enhancing service levels and market positioning
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