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PADS4 Digital Signage

FinesseTech: Your Trusted Partner for PADS4 Digital Signage Solutions

At FinesseTech, we’re proud to be the regional Competence Center for PADS4, the flagship digital signage product from Net Display Systems, Netherlands. With over 30 years of market presence, PADS4 has evolved into a powerful, data-driven, scalable, and customizable digital signage solution that caters to a wide range of industry verticals.


Why Choose PADS4?

PADS4’s strength lies in its extensive data connectivity. It comes with built-in data connectors for various data sources such as JSON, XML, WSDL, RSS, text files, Excel, Open Office files, and more. It can connect to various social media sources like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn to bring dynamic content to your digital signage.


Moreover, PADS4 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365, Google Calendar, SQL Server, ODBC, OLEDB, and Microsoft SharePoint. It also offers direct integration with content providers such as Amadeus Hospitality, BlueFox, Genesys, AviaVox, and Zendesk. PADS4’s ability to interface with analytical systems like Quividi and Invue allows for dynamic content delivery based on audience demographics.


Versatility and Ease of Use

Whether you need digital signage for internal communication, interactive displays, dashboards, advertisement billboards, or wayfinding kiosks, PADS4 has the capabilities to publish the right content on the right screen at the right time.


The intuitive web CMS interface of PADS4 makes it accessible even to non-technical users, empowering them to fulfill their day-to-day digital communication activities. For advanced technical users, PADS4 provides a comprehensive set of tools to extend the solution beyond basic digital signage.


Platform Agnostic and Extensible

PADS4’s platform-agnostic nature allows for easy deployment on various client devices running on Windows, Android, LG webOS, Samsung Tizen, Linux, and more. PADS4 continuously invests time and effort to certify media players and System on Chip (SoC) screens from various vendors, ensuring smooth application performance.


The extensibility of PADS4 lies in its ability to invoke external applications, call web applications, trigger web commands, and interface with hardware interfaces such as serial ports. PADS4 also comes with API interfaces for systems integrators and partners to extend the solution by adding custom features to meet specific requirements.


Our Team

FinesseTech boasts a team of highly experienced and trained resources in PADS4. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced sales, pre-sales consultants, systems engineers, developers, and UI developers, all ready to fulfill all challenging and unique requirements in PADS4.


Choose FinesseTech for your PADS4 digital signage solutions. We’re here to help you communicate effectively and efficiently.

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