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PADS4 Workspace Management

PADS4 Workspace: Revolutionizing Space Management

In the modern, post-pandemic era, the way we manage and utilize spaces has drastically changed. At FinesseTech, we understand these new challenges and are proud to offer PADS4 Workspace, a comprehensive workspace management solution that addresses the complete spectrum of workspace management needs within an organization.


Intuitive and User-Friendly

PADS4 Workspace provides intuitive UI interfaces for workspace administrators to define the complete environment, set up rules, permissions, and services with ease. Whether it’s a meeting room, flexi desk, or tennis court, our system can define the attributes of various types of spaces based on their characteristics.


For workspace users, PADS4 Workspace offers multiple channels to make and manage bookings. The web portal provides an intuitive interface to look up space and make bookings. Users can view various properties of the space, such as the equipment available and the services offered, to help them decide the right space for usage.


Seamless Integration and Accessibility

With the PADS4 Workspace Outlook plugin, users can make bookings without stepping out of their comfort zone of the Outlook mail application. We also offer a mobile app for bookings on-the-go, and support QR code-based booking for added convenience. Interactive screens outside meeting rooms or flexi-desk screens can also be used to make and manage space bookings with ease.


PADS4 Workspace seamlessly connects to Microsoft 365 and Google Calendar, ensuring smooth integration with your existing systems.


Extensible and Insightful

The API libraries of PADS4 Workspace make it ready to extend the features to meet unique requirements of clients. This means our solution can grow and adapt with your organization.


Moreover, PADS4 Workspace provides insightful analytics reports, giving you a clear picture of space utilization. This data-driven approach allows you to make informed decisions about your workspace management.


Choose PADS4 Workspace for efficient, flexible, and intelligent space management. We’re here to help you navigate the new normal.

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