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Ad Manage DOOH

AdManage is the Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising platform from FinesseTech that helps take control of the advertising business on your inventory whether its on the indoor screens and kiosks or on the outdoor billboards and street furniture. As a Supplier Side Platform, the solution features capabilities right from proposals management through campaigns, assets, playlists and proof-of-play to take manage complete life cycle of the advertisement on your screens.


The multi-tenant application hosted on the cloud infrastructure enables multiple media owners get onboard with the advertisement platform and manage the advertisements on their inventory spread across the geography. The powerful dynamic playlist generation algorithm of the solution ensures fair treatment of ads from various brand owners and evenly distributes them in the playback time slots as per the contractual commitment. The proof of play feature helps to keep track of the playback of the ads and share the digital evidence to the advertisers and brand owners for review the playback history. The audience analytics feature of the solution helps to track the performance of the advertisement and generates demographics of the viewers of each advertisement to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns.


The following are the key features of the AdManage solution:


Campaign Management:

  • Import campaigns from other SSP systems.
  • Create and manage campaigns using intuitive calendar views (yearly/monthly/daily).
  • Monitor overall occupancy and availability of your ad inventory.
  • Filter views by campaign types, status, tags, and keywords.


Assets Management:

  • Create and manage assets in Network View and Agreements View.
  • Easily locate asset placeholders and upload media files.
  • Assign properties such as tags, reverse tags, and expiry dates.
  • Optimize the videos by converting them to webm format on-the-fly.


Network Management:

  • Define hierarchical ad networks with properties like program blocks, playlist generation days, and sync settings.
  • Assign players to the network
  • Create special sync network of players that ensures synchronized playback of contents irrespective of the differences in aspect ratio, orientation and resolution of the media files.


Playlist Management:

  • Evenly distribute the playback items within a playlist with fair treatment of each advertisement.
  • Automatically update playlists based on campaign changes.
  • Regenerate playlists manually as required.
  • Define program blocks for ad playback periods.


Media Playback:

  • Precisely play assets according to playlist timings.
  • Configure player resolutions and scaling.
  • Synchronize playback across screens with separate media files containing the same advertisement.


Proof of Play:

  • Keep of track of the playback of ads on each player.
  • Retrieve proof of playback from each player.
  • Compare playlist information with actual playback.
  • Update SSP/sales systems with proof of play data.


Proposal Management:

  • Create and submit proposals.
  • Target audiences based on demographics, geography, and points of interest.
  • Upload creatives on the fly.


Audience Analytics:

  • Measure campaign effectiveness.
  • Understand audience demographics.
  • Analyze impressions and watchers by campaigns and assets.


Control Hub:

  • Manage player networks with an intuitive UI.
  • Monitor player health and access the player logs.
  • Define user profiles and enforce workflow for review and approval for campaigns and assets.


Other Features:

  • Prayer Time Channel integration.
  • Bulk asset upload and conversion.
  • Alerts, responders on important events in the system.
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