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In FinesseTech's Visitor Journey Management solution, the journey starts when the host invites the visitors for a meeting or event.


Invitation and Pre-Registration: Hosts invite visitors, who gets an e-mail with link to pre-register submitting requisite information prior to the visit including ID details, vehicle plate numbers etc. The invite allows the host to convey the additional information such as visit protocols, do's and dont's. The visitor can scan/upload the ID documents along with the pre-registration submission.


Parking Entrance Recognition: As visitors arrive, number plate recognition identifies them at the parking entrance, ensuring a smooth entry. This triggers the check-in and notification to the host on the arrival of the visitor. Also the digital signage guides the visitor on the designated parking lots allocated.


Lobby Check-In: Powered by the AI Virtual Assistant at the kiosk, the Visitors check in at the lobby through the interactive kiosk, receiving further instructions and necessary information. The facial enrollment system at the check-in enables to capture the face of the visitor with consent so further journey in the premises and future visits becomes comfortable as the visitor is identified and served at every touch point from that moment. National ID or passport scanning is also possible during the check-in to valid the visitor.


Wayfinding Assistance: Real-time directions guide visitors to their destination within the building, enhancing navigation. The way-finding and navigation features provided by FinesseTech at this stage can use BLE Beacons, Wi-Fi mesh and QR code based navigation to correctly guide the visitors to the destination.


Meeting Space Access: Integration with access control allows visitors entry to specific areas, such as meeting rooms restricting the access based on the time period as per the meeting schedule.


Seamless Departure: After the meeting, visitors check out effortlessly. The face-enrolled visitors are automatically checked out by passing through the exit.


Overall, this solution enhances security, efficiency, and visitor satisfaction at all touch points.

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